58 Peruvian Basalt Stone Set

For Sale 58 Peruvian Basalt Stone Sets.

I personally customize the sizes and configuration of this set pacifically for the Hot Stone Massage Course that I teach. Similar sets of 58 that you may find on the internet contain a very limited supply of Chakra, Large and Medium stones and a much larger number of very small stones, which do not allow for a very thorough all over body massage treatment.

Shipping costs not included in price, pickup option available' Please contact me if interested in purchasing.

4 Extra Large Chakra Stones (Size 4”)
1 Third Eye Stone (Size 2”)
10 Spine Stones (Size 2”)
15 Large Stones (Size 3”)
20 Medium Stones (Size 2.5”)
2 Face Stones (Size 2.5”)
4 Neck Stones (Size 2.5”)
8 Toe Stones (Size 1”)

One Truth Hot Stone Massage Course: 58 Basalt stone sets are massaged and or placed on body during a regular treatment:

4 Chakra points on front of body
1 Third Eye
10 Spine Stones
6 Large Stones and 4 Medium Stones (For Legs, Feet & Toes)
4 Medium Stones and 2 Large Stones (For Arms and Hands)
4 Medium Stones for Neck
2 Medium Stones for Face
7 Large Stones and 6 Medium Stones for Back, Hands & Feet)
8 Toe Stones

Information about the Peruvian Basalt Stone Sets:

Among professionals there is an agreement that the highest quality stone available for hot stone massage is the pure natural basalt of Peru. This is considered the best because it retains heat better than any other stone. For this reason, the stones are highly sought-after by practitioners all over the world.

Oceanic and river basalt stones are the natural stones with which we are accustomed to working. When a volcano erupts and spews ash and lava into the oceans and rivers, stones are created, which are then tumbled for thousands of years and made smooth. During the creation process, these stones absorb minerals, such as iron, magnesium and olivine, from the air and water. They are also rich in iron and silica which allows them to retain the heat so well.

The basalt stones wash up on beaches and they hold an incredible natural energy. It is now illegal to harvest basalt beach pebbles in the U.S., so most of the stones massage therapists use come from the beaches of Mexico and Peru. These countries are restricting the amount of harvested stones, so natural massage stones are becoming more difficult to obtain.

I personally bless each of the stones with Reiki symbols, wash and remove any negativity that they may have collected during their journey and do the first oiling. They still may arrive with a more grey appearance, but as they are used regularly, the color will go darker and will stay more consistent.

The Basalt stones can also be integrated into several other holistic modalities such as Reiki, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Facials and Esthetic treatments. Heated they can provide warmth, comfort, relaxation and a natural grounding element to a clients’ healing. When used in Reiki sessions they can help clear negative energies.