Zone Facial

Zone Therapy Exercises that you can do daily for yourself

    Ten minutes of daily exercises that employ Zone Therapy movements can result in a more youthful appearance with greater overall bodily health. The following facial exercises can be performed nearly anywhere and are more effective (and natural) than surgery.
  • Exercise One: Pucker your lips like you are going to whistle. Close your eyes and hold that position for 20 seconds.
  • Exercise Two: Widely open your eyes and mouth and raise your eyebrows. Your mouth should be opened as wide as possible. Focus on stretching your lips to their limit. Hold for 20 seconds. Alternate this exercise with that of Exercise One for two total minutes.
  • Exercise Three: Tightly close your mouth and clench your teeth. Pull the corners of your mouth down and keep your neck muscles taut. Hold that position but keep those muscles of your upper face relaxed. Then contract your chin muscles upward. Repeat slowly four times, and then perform eight rapid repetitions. This can improve the jawline.
  • Exercise Four: Tilt back your head in a manner to look at the ceiling. Hold the palm of your right hand against the center of your forehead. Endeavor to return your head to its original position while you employ your hand to resist the movement. Repeat six total times.
  • Exercise Five: This is the opposite of Exercise Four. Bring your head forward to your chest and hold the palm of your right hand against the back of your head. Try to force your head up while you employ your hand to resist. Both Four and Five are exercises to strengthen the muscles in your neck and throat.
  • Exercise Six: This exercise sounds unconventional, but it is used to firm facial skin. Puff your cheeks like you are holding a mouthful of water. Purse together your lips and hold them as tightly as possible. Slap both sides of your face with your hands for a total of two minutes.
Zone Therapy is designed to strengthen your body from the inside, with visible benefits on the outside. The theories and exercises of this particular therapy are also valuable for relieving pain, stress and disease.