64 Peruvian Basalt Stone Set

For Sale : 64 Peruvian Basalt Stone Sets

Piles Basalt Stone Set
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Now available 64 Peruvian Basalt Stone Sets: Customized sizes and configurations personally chosen by me. The only set that has so many combinations of extra large, large and medium stones which will enable you to give your clients the "Cadillac" of Hot Stone massage treatments.

  • 4 Extra Large Chakra Stones (Size 4”)
  • 1 Third Eye Stone (Size 2”)
  • 10 Spine Stones (Size 2”)
  • 15 Large Stones (Size 3”)
  • 20 Medium Stones (Size 2.5”)
  • 2 Face Stones (Size 2.5”)
  • 4 Neck Stones (Size 2.5”)
  • 8 Toe Stones (Size 1”)
Piles Basalt Stone Set
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Stone Sets: All taxes included in the price. Shipping costs extra; pick up option available . Please contact me if interested in purchasing this 64 Basalt Stone set or if you would like a price for a 58 Peruvian Basalt Stone Set..

One Truth Hot Stone Massage Course using 64 Peruvian Basalt Stone sets which are massaged and placed on body during a regular 1 hour 20 minute treatment:

  • 4 Extra Large for Chakra positioning on the front of body
  • 1 Third Eye
  • 12 Spine Stones
  • 6 Large Stones and 4 Medium Stones and 8 Toe stones (For Legs, Feet & Toes) 4 Medium Stones and 2 Large Stones (For Arms and Hands)
  • 4 Medium Stones for Neck
  • 4 Medium Stones for Face
  • 7 Large Stones and 8 Medium Stones (For Back, Hands & Feet)

Total: 64 Stones

Contact me if you are interested in taking a Hot Stone Workshop. Click here for details.