You lie fully clothed on the therapists table and the practitioner lightly touches specific points on the body from your head down to your feet. This balancing of emotional and physical energy allows you to better receive Reiki treatments and other energy work.

  • Helps to release emotions within the body that may be detrimental to you
  • Balances and centres the body by bringing your left and right brain into alignment
  • Reconnects you to the Christ Consciousness grid, giving you a profound sense of inner peace and a stronger connection to Source
  • Relaxing, rejuvenating and harmonizes the body
Axiatonal Treatments

If you are interested in learning this new procedure, I teach this technique in a one day workshop. Contact us using the link above for more information.

This is a healing modality and much more. It is a means to permanently open damaged meridians and to release emotional blocks that keep us in fear, preventing us from moving on. Once the meridians are opened your energy can flow freely and give you the freedom to experience the unconditional love that is everywhere at all times.

The healing session takes only 7 minutes to complete and is repeated every month, as required. To receive this treatment once is to be a believer. It is very effective in balancing, centering and focusing one's energies. Often a client has vivid dreams which provide solutions to troubling problems and memory flashbacks, allowing them to view past experiences in a new light. One Reiki Master, after receiving the treatment for the first time remarked, "In the 7 short minutes it took to receive the Axiatonal Therapy, I felt as if I had received an hour of relaxation!"

I also offer workshops for this modality - Click here to view the Axiatonal Workshop page.

Background Information

Axiatonal Alignment is more than a healing modality it is an initiation into Divine Awareness. As a healing modality it opens blocked meridians to allow the free flow of energies that may have been trapped due to our resistant or denial of a spiritual experience (every experience is a Spiritual Experience). As we open to the free flow of energy, we will release all cellular memories that we have been afraid to look at. This may result in memory flashbacks, so we can look at these moments from a different prospective. We may see that our judgment of these moments come from a distorted prospective and by looking at these experiences in a new light we can let go of what may be a distorted judgement. When this happens a healing happens at the cause level.

Throughout this Universe, all the Galaxies, our Solar System, our Planet and our bodies are Axiatonal lines. These Axiatonal Lines interconnect all things with Divinity. At a point in time, we humans chose to separate from our Divine Source. This damaged the Axiatonal Lines which prevented us from reconnecting to our Divine Source. Priests in the Order of Melchizedek have been working with Axiatonal Alignment to reconnect beings to the Divine Source before the first human ever walked on Mother Earth. Axiatonal Alignment will assist you to remember your Divine connection.