Black Pearl

black pearl

Black Pearl Treatment

The Black Pearl Technique is a hands-on healing modality which addresses the emotional centre of your brain. This holistic treatment combines vibrational energy work (similar to Reiki) and also incorporates gentle massage and rhythmic rocking movements.

The main focus of a Black Pearl is on your brain's "amygdalae" where emotional reactions are formed and stored. These groups of neurons are normally brown and almond-shaped, but the onset of deep relaxation turns them round and dark, hence the name "Black Pearl".

The Black Pearl refers to the hypothalamus which actually shrinks when confronted with continual stress. This session will help to restore it to a healthy functioning level, support those negative fear-filled thoughts to shift towards greater trust, joy and inner peace.

A session allows the body, mind and spirit to succumb to a calm, peaceful balanced state creating a sacred space for balance and healing to begin.