Reiki Diagram Reiki REI = Universal and KI = Life Force.

Reiki is a gentle hands-on energy technique which strengthens the immune system, restores inner balance, and complements other therapies. Reiki is cumulative – each treatment builds on the next Reiki helps us re-connect to our spirituality, opening intuition and clarity and expanding our capacity to love ourselves and others.

What you can expect during a treatment:

Hot, cold or tingling sensations as well as small muscle twitches, are commonly experienced by the recipient of this non-invasive therapy. Reiki works to treat the cause, not just the symptoms of disease by accessing the root of physical and emotional challenges. It can reduce anxiety; create a sense of calmness with greater energy, and a feeling of pure unconditional love to those who are receptive. The practitioner is only a channel and thus has no influence on the result of the treatment. When the receiver is ready and open for the healing process, then his/her self-healing powers are activated through Reiki.

Reiki treatments are safe for anyone, at any age. The practitioner applies no pressure, but will lightly place her hands on specific areas of your body.

Reiki Quote
What might I notice after a Reiki treatment?

You might notice you feel relaxed or quite peaceful after a Reiki treatment and in the days that follow. Reiki often creates a lingering positive shift in awareness.
Reiki often initiates a cleansing process the day of or the day or two after a treatment, which can express itself as tiredness and needing extra rest, cold like symptoms, or you may feel energized and very motivated.
You might feel emotional or weepy or feel quite peaceful. If you are emotional know that this is just some energy clearing. If the session has brought up emotions it may be helpful to take an Epsom salt or sea salt bath. Salt baths help to cleanse the aura releasing any energy that has been brought to the surface.
It is good to drink plenty of water on the day of a Reiki treatment and in the days that follow to aid in the clearing process. You may also want to journal about your experience.
Any clearing that takes place is just allowing for a clearer and brighter you to shine through.