Axiatonal Workshop

Axiatonal Workshop

I am very honoured to have been one of the original teachers for this amazing energy technique since March 2000. I offer these workshops on a regular basis in Hamilton and at different locations if the opportunity arises. A workshop can be presented over weekends or during the week as requested. They usually take between 8 to 9 hours in length. Workshops are experiential and are limited to a maximum of 8 people to allow individual instruction and practise time and a minimum of 4 due to the high frequency of the energy we are working with.

Benefit of Workshop: Experiential experience of giving and receiving a treatment. Comprehensive Manual for practice purposes.

Pre-registration is required.

I have been asked many times how does this treatment differs from Axiatonal Re-alignment. The main important difference is that a full treatment using Axiatonal Re-alignment takes from 50 - 60 mins, whereas an Axiatonal Alignment complete treatment only takes 7 mins.

Benefits of learning this technique:
  • it is so extremely effective on clearing emotions
  • Balances the body and brings the left and right brain into alignment.
  • extremely relaxing, clients feel rejuvenated as if they have received an hour Reiki treatment
  • great for health shows and other industry conventions with a this 7 minute treatment quick and easy to do.
  • Axiatonal Alignment full treatment only takes 7 mins and therefore can administered before any other healing modality which enhances that treatment
  • An attunement to connect you to your axiatonal line
  • Cumulative: each treatment builds on the next
Background Information

Axiatonal Alignment is more than a healing modality it is an initiation into Divine Awareness. As a healing modality it opens blocked meridians to allow the free flow of energies that may have been trapped due to our resistant or denial of a spiritual experience (every experience is a Spiritual Experience). As we open to the free flow of energy, we will release all cellular memories that we have been afraid to look at. This may result in memory flashbacks, so we can look at these moments from a different prospective. We may see that our judgment of these moments come from a distorted prospective and by looking at these experiences in a new light we can let go of what may be a distorted judgement. When this happens a healing happens at the cause level.

Throughout this Universe, all the Galaxies, our Solar System, our Planet and our bodies are Axiatonal lines. These Axiatonal Lines interconnect all things with Divinity. At a point in time, we humans chose to separate from our Divine Source. This damaged the Axiatonal Lines which prevented us from reconnecting to our Divine Source. Priests in the Order of Melchizedek have been working with Axiatonal Alignment to reconnect beings to the Divine Source before the first human ever walked on Mother Earth. Axiatonal Alignment will assist you to remember your Divine connection.