Five Tibetan Yoga

Background Information

In the 1920's a British Colonel spent years investigating why Tibetan Lamas maintained their health, flexibility, longevity amd mental alertness so incredibly. He returned home looking 20 years younger than when he had left Britain.

He brought back with him a short well-rounded series of five yoga exercises. Not only do they trim up the body, but also more importantly, they strengthen our inner organs and balance the internal subtle energy systems. The ultimate result of following the program is a greater flexibility of body and mind leading to all round better health, more peace and happiness, and longer life.

It is quite amazing how these simple exercises have created change within even a month for people who are exhausted, not well, having trouble sleeping, emotionally stressed out, recovering from illnesses and lots of other situations in their life, or just want to be healthier and healthier.

Great for people of any age or condition who can find ten mins in their day to practice the Five Tibetan Yoga technique. It is a simple efficient yoga routine that increases mental clarity, energy, physical flexibility and strength.

Get some friends together, co-workers & learn five easy exercises to help you deal with stress in your life and workplace.

Una has held these workshops in private homes, for agencies, and several corporate companies.

All you will need is a yoga mat, blanket or large bath towel

Una West is a trained and certified practitioner with Dekyi Lee Oldershaw (2007)who helped to develop many of these techniques.