Reiki Workshop


When I commenced my Reiki journey in 1996, Reiki 1 workshops attended were $275: Reiki 11 $600.00 and Reiki 111 Master level $10,000. These were the recommended charges as stated by Phyllis Lei Furumoto. We were told that Reiki 1 level was for self healing you were, however, allowed to work on others but not call yourself a Practitioner of Reiki until you were at the Reiki 11 level. Charges for treatments were to be $30 per hour Reiki 1 ..$45 per hour Reiki 11.. $60 per hour for Master level. Much has changed since then.

Everyone can learn Reiki and has the ability to do so. It is not dependent on your being able to meditate or be intellectual. It does not take years of practice either. Instructions are passed on from teacher to student during an attunement process. This process opens the crown, heart and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the pure Reiki source. Reiki is a pure form of healing not depended on individual talent. Because of this, the personality of the healer is less likely to clod the significance of the experience.

Reiki workshops are a hands-on experience where students will practice the various hand positions which will enable them to carry out self treatments and give treatments to others. Once you become an attuned student, you start radiating Reiki through your attuned hands; so the more you live in the Reiki spirit of peace, love, harmony, joy and forgiveness, the more pure a channel of that energy you will become. Your life will be richer and have more meaning. You will be living Reiki rather than just using it as a technique. It will become part of who you are.

Each students will be given ample opportunity to practice giving and receiving Reiki, and also experience exercises to enhance their own intuitive instincts. We will be practising how to scan the body and pick up intuitive messages and feelings.

Reiki Attunements:

A Reiki attunement is the spiritual procedure used to activate & empower the receiver's inherenthealing power. The attunement opens and cleanses the major spiritual energy centers within the body, allowing Reiki to flow smoothly and effortlessly through the healer's hands. Your energy field is raised to a higher vibratory level, enabling you to access the Universal Life Energy more easily and consistently. This activates more fully your capacity to set the space for healing to take place.

Traditional Usui Reiki 1 Self-Help Level

Reiki 1 is learning about looking after yourself and others around you by learning the techniques of this amazing non-invasive energy treatment. Workshops are conducted over one full day. As a dedicated Reiki Master, I am always available to answer any questions you may have, now or in the future.

Reiki 1 Workshop
  • Four attunements
  • A comprehensive manual
  • A group or individual healing according to group size
  • A certificate of achievement
  • Exercises to enhance intuition and scan the body
  • Reiki Hand positions, and grounding techniques
Traditional Usui Reiki 11 Practitioner Level

Reiki 11 enables you to become a Reiki practitioner. This involves learning the Reiki symbols and different ways you can introduce them into your life. How to execute distance healing. In addition, several other extremely useful energy techniques are practiced. Workshops are conducted over one full day. As a dedicated Reiki Master, I am always available to answer any questions you may have, now or in the future.

Reiki 11 Workshop:
  • Two attunements
  • A comprehensive manual
  • A certificate of achievement
  • Distance Healing techniques
  • Reiki symbols
Traditional Usui Reiki 111- Master Level

Reiki 111 is for those who wish to become a full Master of the Traditional Usui System of Reiki. In this personalized experiential workshop consisting of two full days, you will be fully initiated and taught how to instruct your own classes and learn how to give attunments for each Reiki level. This will enable you to successfully teach your own Reiki workshops. After successfully being initiated as a Reiki Master, you will be supplied with:

  • One Master attunement
  • A complete set of manuals from my Reiki 1, 11 and 111 workshops
  • A complete class structure/time schedule for each Reiki level
  • The White Light symbol to be displayed at all attunements
  • Reiki attunement CD
  • The Inner Child CD to enable you to do some healing work on yourself
  • A Certificate of Achievement
  • A Body scan exercise
  • Everything you will need to run your own successful workshops!

Body Changes once you register for your Reiki Training: You may find that once you have made the intention to be initiated into Reiki that shifts start taking place within your body from that moment on. These changes may be subtle or more noticeable. Here are some possible examples for you to witness and observe:
  • Change in moods: emotional shifts, some highs and lows, even crying or grieving
  • Cleansing of the body: nose running (possibly a cold), loose bowel movements, urinating more
  • Feelings within body: Constant shifts between feeling hot and then cold. Desire to clear the clutter within your living space or in your thoughts.
  • Food and Beverages: You may find that your taste buds are changing; dislike of certain foods that may have been part of your daily routine. This is the body’s way of cleansing itself. Coffee and pop no longer have the same appeal.
Preparation before and after a Traditional Usui Reiki Workshop:

In the days before the workshop, take some quiet time each day to connect to your Higher Wisdom and ask what is serving you in your life and what is not, and the desires you would like to open yourself up to in the future. Some students find it beneficial to write this down in a journal book and bring it to the workshop.

The participation in a Traditional Usui Reiki workshop always means an enormous leap forward in your personal development. Dormant talents can be activated and abilities that you already live can be expanded. You alone can decide how profound this gentle process of evolution will be for you! With this in mind, I would suggest that the evening of and day after the workshop that you leave yourself some quiet time. You will be receiving a great deal of information as well as receiving the Reik attunements; these can trigger deep shifts in your consciousness and it is good to have the time to simulate them into your body. You may feel very tired and just want to take a Hot Salt Bath and go to bed early.

Giving a Treatment

Some people ask when you are giving a Reiki treatment, are you deleting your own energy. Actually the very opposite happens. You are the conduit for this energy, which is being channelled through your hands to your client, as this phenomena takes place, you are equally being energised too. In essence you are holding the space and intention for the energy, but not giving away any of your own. Reiki has an infinite supply, you are the vessel through which it travels and can be accessed.

Reiki is just like a river. Its energies flow through our bodies, following the most natural path in filling us up. As you give more and more treatments you will start to build up a confidence within yourself and intuitively know where each placement of your hands is needed. on a clients body. Some clients have mentioned that during a treatment they were aware that additional pairs of hands were on their body. Many believe this is when Guides, Angels and Spirits are there assisting the client and adding extra energy to the treatment.

For some Reiki practitioners, hand temperature may change during the session. These changes range from burning hot to icy cold. Sometimes, the practitioner’s and the recipient’s perception of the temperature will be different. For instance, as you are giving Reiki, you may feel that you’re burning up, but your recipient may feel coolness from your touch. Or, it may be that you are experiencing cold hands, while the recipient may comment on the warmth of your hands.

After a treatment always wash your hand and avoid using any soap or lotion that are highly scented, non scented is always safest and best; many people today have sensitive’s to fragrances and perfumes, I am one of those people.

It is often said once you are attuned that you will develop instantly hot hands. This is supposed to be an indicator that you are a Reiki practitioner. The energy will flow whether the hands feel hot or cold to the client. If your hands are naturally cold, briskly rub your palms together for a few minutes to warm them up and get the energy flowing.

Reiki and Objects

You can use Reiki to energise your world around you. Reiki can be put into any object by holding the object between your hands and allowing Reiki energies to pour into it. This can be your vitamins, medications, crystals, food and beverages, jewelry. Reiki II practitioners can also use Reiki symbols, making them become even more powerful, and are able to them to cleanse their living space, treatment room, and even vehicles.